Bevel cutting machine

Ultra Large Bevel Laser Cutting Machine 

Laser power:8kw-20kw BevelAngle:±45°

Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting Machine

The metal plate bevel laser cutting machine Break through the conventional 0° straight section and realize the maximum

45°bevel cutting on the plane.The machine can complete V, X, Y and other bevels .The bevel processing such as traditional cutting and milling is completed at one time.The cutting parts have high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality, which greatly improves efficiency, guarantees quality, and saves resources.

      Jiatai Laser Technology Company Ltd. – a pioneer company in lasers industry,  the company offers total solution with a wide range of laser systems for diversified industrial, the applications such as: Laser Cutting, Laser Marking, Laser Welding and those related automation system, also provides some CNC solutions for related users, Jiatai company engaged in laser machines R&D since its establish on the year of 2002, till date it became to one of the few laser machine manufacturers in the world whom capability to produce laser source. 

      In this rapid moving age, R&D capability has become the lifeblood of all technology-based companies. Jiatai has clearly recognized this point since initial and has always implemented the business philosophy of technology as core of development, alone with the continuous investment in research and development, Jiatai Company......


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