3D Engraving for steel statue

        This 3D laser marking machine output laser beam by 3axis control system with dynamic galvo scanner system, this system can be adjusting the focus distance according to beforehand setting in software, this function make the marking machine able to marking on different hight surface on working piece, not need seperate step to marking for each height like as normal laser marking machine, great improved working efficient for marking on irregular products.  meanwhile it also can be adjust the laser power strongth according to beforehand setting in software for designs,  this function of real-time focus and power adjusting is  widely apply for small size 3D sculption engraving, due to the fine laser beam the engraving result is much better then the result which done by mechnical type engraving, it widely applied to those industries with high precision requirements such as small molds/badges/exquisite crafts, the perfect engraving result saved polishing treatment, it is an ideal choice for small-format high-precision 3D sculption produce. 

  3D_3_Da.jpg            3D_2副本.jpg          3D mark2.jpg